AC Eclectic Creative Services Worldwide   2009 - present

My passion is creating big experiences to create tangible outcomes. I love building and managing the impossible. Through my advocacy for my clients, I have been able to produce new, complex and highly creative events, build regular communities around causes and awareness through and around media. I am a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of person. With anything I do, you get my energy and contacts, my creativity and my effort in making your enterprise the best it can be.


THE BAY LIGHTS is a privately funded, public work of art designed by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal. 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, this stunning contemporary art experience is created with 25,000 individually programmed white LED lights that shine in never-repeating patterns from dusk ‘til dawn on the San Francisco Bay Bridge West Span. From its March 5, 2013 Grand Lighting through March 2015, THE BAY LIGHTS will impact an audience of over 50 million people in the Bay Area alone, with billions more seeing it in media and online.

As Executive Producer I have managed every aspect of this multi faceted project. Permits, contracts, fundraising, tech, communications and press, grassroots and cultural integration, local business activation and the creation and cultivation of Illuminate the Arts as a 501c3.

What excites me most is the experimentation of creating and then gauging the impact of this masterpiece and its audience, as a force of culture, within the local economy, cultural registers as well as the global contemporary art world.

I will continue to delve and play and create within this force and look forward to applying the learning else where.

Partial Client List Includes:

Chip Conley
Illuminate the Arts
Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management
Lexicon for Sustainability
Linden Labs
Word Up!
Woolsey For Congress

The WIRED Years   1992 - 1996

I had the honor of being employee six at WIRED Ventures. As with most entrepreneurial startups, each employee wore many hats. As Manager of Special Projects, along with the development and recruiting for multiple internal departments such as fulfillment, accounting and operations, I was responsible for producing all of WIRED’s events. These included book release parties for writers such as Douglas Copeland and Kevin Kelly, advertiser value added events for Virgin and “ the WIRED auto industry” as well as the infamous WIRED MacWorld events - which included internationally known west african bands, DJs from New York, SRL performances and the first ever HotWired web casts.

Independent Producer   1996 - 1998

I was fortunate to transition from WIRED straight into a world-class client base that included; SGI, Fox, Nike, ABC News and Paul Allen’s Asymetrix.  Productions included hiring and managing diverse teams of technical and creative experts necessary to conceive of and pull off the seemingly impossible.  Having produced one of the only live webcasts to date, I was able to leverage my experience in the rapidly growing field of live events on the Web.  Each was an event unto itself. Additional events of note during this period were; the first Webby Awards and several SIGGRAPH Web 3d Roundups, one at Siggraph New Orleans and one in Germany and programming for WIRED NextFest.

ZDTV and Oxygen   1998 - 2000

At the launch of ZDTV I was Supervising Producer responsible for the build-out and management of and all aspects of convergence between the web site and the cable network. With a team of about 30 we matched daily programming, live and pre-produced with interactive online content and activities. We also launched one of the first Roadrunner broadband sites. At Oxygen, as Executive Producer, I managed a large team of producers, writers, editors, designers, community specialists and engineers responsible for much of this innovative network’s Internet endeavors. One of Oxygen’s many attempts at convergence was a live constant feed from the Internet called The Stripe, an ongoing commentary within the lower third.

The biggest of many challenges at both Oxygen and ZDTV was working at a high level with television executives not accustomed to the potential of the Internet. I was fortunate in both instances to have the opportunity to hone my expectation management and diplomacy skills.

Non Profit  2000 - 2003

I returned to the Bay Area and became involved with ZeroOne (formerly GroundZero) The Art and Technology Network.  As co-director, I was responsible for programming and events including the management of an eight month speaker series, artist installations and on going fundraising events. An example of the complexity of ZeroOne’s educational programming was an international program I produced bringing 12 teens in Senegal online together with 12 dance students in Santa Clara for several months, culminating in a live dance performance for The Tech Museum in San Jose streamed live for our Senegalese counter parts.  Each effort included budget management, recruiting, and coordination with multiple third party providers and internal resources. One of my proudest accomplishments is my contribution towards helping ZeroOne to be the successful bi-annual arts festival it is today. Based on my new experience building community awareness for a non-profit, I was recruited to be the Director of Marketing for One Economy.

OneEconomy is a national non profit who provides access, training and media resource to low income communities.  With One Economy, I was responsible for the strategic implementation of all marketing initiatives which included the building of online networks in low-income communities across the country as well as building strong relationships with corporate philanthropic funding sources.   One Economy's internet presence The Beehive grew from 12 local "beehives" to 30 and continually incorporated tools to enable One Economy's audience to leverage to power of the internet to better their lives. Today, OneEconomy serves millions of users around the country.

Marketing and Sales   2003 - 2009

As an experienced producer who doesn’t shy away from entrepreneurial businesses, I have been fortunate to be recommended to several new businesses. I have advised and supported several start-ups. I was recruited to work with TCHO, an innovative modern premium chocolate company before they had established a name or product. I participated as an early advisor to their product definition and brand building. Following my passion to build awareness and networks around causes, I spearheaded business development and opened over 50 accounts for TCHO including Apple, Oracle, Lucas Films to BR Cohn, St Francis and J Cellars wineries. Due to my outreach and relationship building TCHO was part of TASTE3 a highly regarded invitation only foodie conference (the TED of the food world), featured at ETech and Oracle World and had a rock star presence at Maker Faire 08 where we served beta chocolate to over 35,000 folks. I continue to enjoy building awareness and reputation for this company, poised to be the choice of chocolate for the digital age.