"I'm not known for giving praise lightly and use adjectives and adverbs sparingly but in Amy Critchett's case I offer this heart felt endorsement. She is profoundly competent, profusely honest, exceptionally creative, a problem solver extraordinaire, deeply dedicated, highly disciplined, and known to go the extra mile to achieve excellence. Anyone would be lucky to have her working on his or her project."

Paul Heavenridge  Executive Director, Literacyworks

"The dream of The Bay Lights might have always remained a dream were it not for the shot of adrenaline that arrived in the form of Amy Critchett. Within days of becoming The Bay Lights executive producer—our first and only paid position at the time—Amy propelled the project to life. She outlined a plan and realistic budget. She forged meaningful relationships. She began assembling and orchestrating multiple teams of leaders. Under Amy's energy, intelligence and guidance, we successfully negotiated the impossible tasks of receiving crucial government permits, of designing an installing a massive artwork on a functioning bridge, and of raising the private funds to pay for it all. Time and again, Amy made the impossible possible."

Ben Davis  CEO, Illuminate the Arts

"OMG! I knew I was a part of a big fan club but wow! THE PEOPLE LOVE AMY CRITCHETT! Every time I hear someone mention Amy Critchett's name there is something wonderful being said about this exceptional powerhouse. At every level she artfully over-delivers and wows. There is a special spark with this one that rocks and rolls. Without hesitation I'd hand-pick this one for my team, every time."

Hruby McHugh  Co-Founder & CEO, Illuminode

"Amy takes hold of a dream, and makes it into reality – but this reality is better than you ever imagined. Amy is one of the few professionals who know how to anticipate and handle the details—of every variety—that make projects soar. She is persuasive, thorough, relentlessly upbeat, fun to work with and tireless. Amy is equally comfortable serving as the media spokesperson as she is being the magical, unseen hands behind a project. She can turn the most hidebound cynic into a believer—and one who will write a check to prove it. The Bay Lights would not have shone on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, in the community and around the world, without Amy’s leadership. I will leap at every chance I get to work with Amy!"

Mara Brazer  President & Brazer Communications

"Damn, Amy can be leadership-ly linear as a Nevada highway and as creative and curvaceous in her thinking as a conch shell. She delivered a truly peak experience for me and more than 100 of my friends at Burning Man with more than 6 months of expert planning and exquisite delivery."

Chip Conley Executive Chairman & Chief Creative Officer , Joie de Vivre

"Amy is a joy to work with, she's a natural problem solver and knows intuitively how to get things done. I've enjoyed working with her over the years and would do so again in a second."

Andrew Anker  EVP, Six Apart

"Dynamic, creative, and highly effective, Amy is a trustworthy go-to when you need something innovative done well. She assembled a world-class team and produced one of the first-ever online live web events for me at Nike.com. Looking back, it was an extraordinary accomplishment and I never worried for a moment because she was in charge. I highly recommend Amy for any project that requires “breakthrough” delivered at the highest level of quality.”

Janis Nakano Spivack  CCO, There.com

"Amy Critchett is the perfect combination of creativity, positivity and fearlessness. Simply put, she is the "yes" in every situation. When I need to get important stuff done—do it well and have fun in the process—I call Amy. Full stop."

Debra Amador  Chief Creative Maven, Mindful PR

"I swear Amy Critchett has been following me or perhaps I've been chasing her. From WiReD days in the mid nineties to Zero One, One Economy and recently TCHO chocolate, I was always thrilled to hear that we would be working together as colleagues...again! The facilitator of all facilitator's Amy's tireless energy and commitment to resolve is admirable. In the face of challenging tasks one could always expect followthrough and more, with lots of heart and complete faith in our success."

Susanna Dulkinys  Creative Director, Edenspiekermann

" Amy is passion, energy, creativity,innovation and caring all rolled into one person. I am lucky to have worked with her in the past and have absolutely no doubt I will work again with her in the future."

Rey Ramsey  CEO, One Economy Corporation

"Amy has a rare combination of big picture thinking while being able to execute all the details. She is fantastic to work with and adds magic to any event or project."

Tiffany Shlain  Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

"Amy Critchett is an incredible force that can make any idea reality. Whether it is a live event, web site, product launch, or political campaign, through her strong connections, ability to form partnerships, and sheer force of will, what seems difficult or impossible becomes easy and the easy are just finished. The end result is always at a level that exceeds all hopes or expectations."

Maya Draisin  Director of Brand and Strategy, WIRED Magazine

"Amy Critchett is a catalyst, a connector, a champion, and a commander. She's super sharp, a master of insight and collaboration. Everything she touches flows, and glows. And beyond all the professional accolades and experiences, she is genuinely a pleasure to be around—which makes everything she contributes to, thrive."

Amy Gershoni  President, Gershoni Creative

"Some are people smart, sharp, effective and resourceful. Some people are creative visionaries who see what others can’t and go where others don’t. Some people know how to deal with people, and are a joy to be around. And then there’s Amy Critchett. Amy is that rara avis who is all that—and more. She is both a people person—wonderful at managing employees and dealing with customers—and an almost supernaturally effective producer who knows how to get the job done. (And she knows exactly what job needs doing—no mean feat!) I relish the time we worked together and hope to work with her again—and again and again."

“DIXIE” LAITE Senior Editorial Director, MTV NETWORKS’ THE N

"Immensely creative, innovative and talented, Amy Critchett can do anything. She legendarily gets everything done ahead of schedule, too! Unbelievably well-connected, Amy is eternally positive and upbeat. Working with her is always an excellent experience."

Beau Takahara Co-founder, ZeroOne